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13 Best Desk Accessories

Remember as a kid when our parents would take us to the store to pick out new school supplies? I remember getting so excited to get that cute file folder, pencils, and notebooks. You would think shopping for office or school supplies would have died down as an adult but no. I love to spruce up my desk and make it fun and inviting. I firmly believe that an organized space will increase your productivity. Scroll down to see my 13 current desk accessory picks…

1. Anthropologie Maude Calendar Dry Erase Board

Make sure you never miss an appointment with this super cute dry erase board. Jot down your To-Do List lady!

2. Anthropologie Maude Magnetic Dry Erase Markers, Set of 6

3. The Little Market Trinket Tray - Blush - NO. 3

Display your trinkets on this stylish Moroccan tray. Perfect for your desk, dresser or nightstand.

4. The Little Market Moroccan Ceramic Cup - Blush - NO. 1

Add a touch of gold and fun pattern to your office décor. This cup is perfect for your morning coffee or your pens and little trinkets.

5. The Little Market Ceramic Box - Blush - NO. 1

Organize in style! Use these boxes to store everything from bobby pins to bracelets.

6. The Little Market Glass Jar - Blush

Store paper clips and thumb tacks in this beautiful glass jar.

7. Urban Outfitters Daily Notebook

Notebook for taking with you everywhere to use it for writing, doodling and list-making.

8. Target Desktop Storage Drawer Set, Gold - Threshold

This Grid Wire Drawer Organizer is to organize and keep articles in handy. This Grid Wire Drawer Organizer invents a sense of noble and elegant. A perfect corporate choice for executives, partners, businessman and managers.

9. Lulu and Georgia Kate Spade Acrylic Desk Accessories Set

We all need a stapler remover, ruler and scissors.

10. Lulu and Georgia Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler

Because every hard working girl needs a beautiful desk. and besides who doesn't need a stapler?

11. Sugarboo & Co Paperweight Courage Dear Heart

This beautiful paperweight features a quote by C. S. Lewis that says, "Courage, dear heart."

12. Varidesk Pro Plus 36

A standing desk to help you burn an extra few calories a day.

13. Target Gaiam Backless Balance Ball

The Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair will greatly alleviate the aching back, legs, and arms that typically come from sitting at a desk for hours. Helps promote proper spinal alignment.

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